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 Welcome in the H-CUBE project


The main objective of H-CUBE project is to estimate the hydrodynamic impacts of a geological and physical heterogeneity on: 

(i) the hydrodynamic impacts associated with CO2 storage operations (aquifer pressurization and induced brine displacements); 

(ii) CO2 plume migration, and on

(iii) the associated CO2 capacity storage performance.

To tackle such issue the H-CUBE project intends to develop fast and accurate techniques of simulation by combining: 

-      physical up-scaling based on homogenization developments of CO2 buoyant flow with dissolution in brines;

-      up-gridding and smart meshing of large grid domain;

-      fast flow simulations with the use of a dual mesh method;

-      ranking techniques when dealing with multiple realization of heterogeneity field distribution;

-      application to 3D static earth models based on realistic geological CO2 storage context.


The H-CUBE team:




































































































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Closure Meeting in Paris, 23 NOVEMBER 2016